January Director-y (2014 edition)

As there has been no revolution or coup, I am beginning my second year as director of our little club. Of course that means I still have to come up with this monthly thing that I assume people read.

Hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas season. There was a strong Doctor Who theme at our house, with a fair amount of the gifts being Doctor Who related. And when it was not Doctor Who, it was most likely geeky in some manner.

December Director-y (2013 edition)

December is here, we have reached the end of 2013. I hope everyone has had a good year and have enjoyed the programing that we have had for DASFA this last year. As I am going to continue on as Director, I am already working on ideas for 2014. I am waiting for responses right now for our January and February meetings and will hopefully be able to announce those guests shortly.

Now that December has begun I have pushed myself to finish taking down my Halloween decorations. It is a bit of a chore, but my wife will not allow me to keep them up all year long.

November Director-y (2013 edition)

It looks like we survived October somehow.

I was pleased to see a good amount of DASFA members at MileHiCon. It felt like we had a good turnout in the DASFA room with a few possible new members coming by. If we decide to do this again, I have some ideas how to improve it. That being said, I do feel it was a success in helping to get the word out that our little group exists.

October Director-y (2013 edition)

Now comes October, my favorite month of the year.

Those who made it to our alternate party last October know how our house looks this time of the year. Feel free to stop by and see my display this year. I will keep it all up for the November alternate at our place so everyone will get a chance to see it then.

September Director-y (2013 edition)

Here we are in September now, this year is just cruising by. Hopefully everyone who showed up for the Geek Picnic last month enjoyed themselves. We had a good turnout of regular members. We had hoped to get some new and potential members there, but we just need to keep trying.

The Hugos were awarded. Redshirts by John Scalzi won for best novel. It was a fun read and apparently a parody of some old science fiction programming that I don’t think anyone remembers.

Hugo Award Winners - 2013

2013 Hugo Award and John W. Campbell Award Winners. 1848 valid ballots were received and counted in the final ballot.

Best Novel: Redshirts: A Novel with Three Codas by John Scalzi (Tor)

Best Novella: "The Emperor's Soul" by Brandon Sanderson (Tachyon Publications)

Best Novelette: "The Girl-Thing Who Went Out for Sushi" by Pat Cadigan (Edge of Infinity, Solaris)

Best Short Story: "Mono no aware" by Ken Liu (The Future is Japanese, VIZ Media LLC)

August Director-y (2013 edition)

As I start writing this we are just hours away from learning who will be playing the next incarnation of The Doctor. I’ll take my time as I sort out my thoughts and finish this up with the big revelation.

July Director-y (2013 edition)

Just found out that HBO will be adapting Neil Gaiman’s American Gods into a six season show. My guess is they are going to explore that universe well beyond the two books we have set in it. Not sure if anything else need be said on that topic at this time.

Hope everyone enjoyed Stan Yan’s trip through his life as an artist. I always find it interesting when someone who makes it as an artist starts off not thinking of that as a career.

June Director-y (2013 edition)

I hope everyone enjoyed our Vice Director’s beta test of his game for our last meeting. He is hoping to smooth out the rules and have it ready for MileHiCon this year. So if you have any recommendations on how he can improve the game I am sure he would appreciate it.

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