January Director-y (2014 edition)

As there has been no revolution or coup, I am beginning my second year as director of our little club. Of course that means I still have to come up with this monthly thing that I assume people read.

Hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas season. There was a strong Doctor Who theme at our house, with a fair amount of the gifts being Doctor Who related. And when it was not Doctor Who, it was most likely geeky in some manner.

We had a good turnout for our Christmas party. A huge thank you is owed to Kronda and Jamie for hosting it this year. I also want to thank everyone for helping me to embarrass my son Quinn by singing to him as the party fell on his Birthday.

Already there is a lot to look forwards to this year. We have conventions, movies, books, TV shows and more to consume our time. It is already building up to be a busy year. It is a good time to be a sci-fi geek. Most likely everyone has something they are looking forwards to this year, there is just so much on the horizon.

Our first guest for the year will be writer Quincy J. Allen, cross genre author (http://www.quincyallen.com/). I am working on what I hope will be fun programing for the year. Got some ideas, but as always I am open to listening to what our members would like to see.
So now we go forwards and see what this year has to offer us.