December Director-y (2013 edition)

December is here, we have reached the end of 2013. I hope everyone has had a good year and have enjoyed the programing that we have had for DASFA this last year. As I am going to continue on as Director, I am already working on ideas for 2014. I am waiting for responses right now for our January and February meetings and will hopefully be able to announce those guests shortly.

Now that December has begun I have pushed myself to finish taking down my Halloween decorations. It is a bit of a chore, but my wife will not allow me to keep them up all year long.

I am guessing all the Whovians in our group got to enjoy The Day of the Doctor (The Doctor Who 50th anniversary special). As a Whovian myself it was a little over whelming with how much was being put up on-line as part of the build up for it. If you missed any of these, go to youtube and find ‘The Night of the Doctor’, ‘The Last Night’ and ‘The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot’ and check them out. They were all pieces for the 50th anniversary celebration and are worth watching. The BBC really figured out how to use the internet to boost interest in the special. It did a record breaking simulcast for a drama by being aired in 94 countries, 15 languages, simultaneously. The 3-D screening in movie theaters all over the world brought in impressive numbers for a one night event. In the end it was a huge event for sci-fi fandom.

Big thanks to Bruce Miller for stepping up and being our new secretary. Sourdough has stepped down after twelve years of doing the job. His years of service to the group are greatly appreciated.

We now have our annual Christmas party to look forwards to on the 21st. This year it will be hosted by Kronda and Jamie Seibert at their house in Aurora. If we can get a few members to bring some folding chairs that would be a big help, as they do not have much in the way of seating. We also will need some silverware. Fair warning for us allergy sufferers, they do have cats. If anyone is willing to help out by being part of the clean-up crew to make sure we leave the place looking good afterwards, please get with our Director of Vice.

I am planning on having an officers’ meeting some time in January and discuss what has and has not been working for DASFA. Any members who are not officers who would like to be invited just make sure I know. As always I am open to hearing from members as to what they would like to see.
Have a good holiday season and we will see you at the party.