July Director-y (2013 edition)

Just found out that HBO will be adapting Neil Gaiman’s American Gods into a six season show. My guess is they are going to explore that universe well beyond the two books we have set in it. Not sure if anything else need be said on that topic at this time.

Hope everyone enjoyed Stan Yan’s trip through his life as an artist. I always find it interesting when someone who makes it as an artist starts off not thinking of that as a career.

For those keeping track Denver Comic Con had 61,000 guests in their final count, ranking it the number 5 comic con in the world. With it only being in its 2nd year, it does look like we have something impressive building up here in the way of fandom. If they get their act together and start running things better it might not be too long before we start getting the same attention as the big ones in New York and San Diego.

Don’t forget to keep the day of Aug. 17th free for our annual picnic, noon to 5pm at Progress Park 5100 S Hickory Street Littleton. Bring any manner of outdoor activity you think would be fun. We’re going to see if we can do a couple of fun competitive activities this year. If you have any ideas of what you would like to see get them to me and we’ll see if we can work them in.

For July our guess is going to be local author Kronda Seibert. My understanding is she has a project she is working on and would like some input on it.

Not sure if me and my family will be at the July meeting, but my director of vice will be ready to head things up for me ‘with bells on’. Although he does claim that there will be no bells involved, but with Mishalak you never know.